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Mr. Rajiv Goil started his first Company in partnership with The Windlass Group, upon his return home, after serving as a Merchant Navy official for 12 years. He traveled the world and saw tremendous growth opportunity for specialized period garments, and decided they would be great in sync with the family business of swords and weaponry. The visionary soon dominated the industry with quality period garments that were well received in the European and American markets, and continues to supply to some of the biggest names in Hollywood and other productions worldwide. 



After receiving an education at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Mr. Rachit Goil showed keen interest in joining the family business and received training in the garment sector. Following his desire to venture in to the food industry, he is also a successful restaurateur, running the chain of Cravity Cafes, and yet continues running the show at Cenit Enterprises, diversifying the business, concentrating on various other forms of specialized garments.



Ms. Rashi Goil received an education at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, and is a Communication Designer with a major in Graphic Design. She pursued her passion for design as a successful event curator, graphic designer and an art consultant. She soon developed a keen interest in the garment sector and received formal training at Cenit Inc. She launched her own high street fashion brand, Sarto Studio, combining her expertise in design and garment manufacturing. She oversees the production & marketing, while working towards business development and expansion of the company, and has creative ideas that are the driving force of the company. 

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