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In our modern, purpose built factories, our aim is to consistently satisfy our customers by ensuring that the products & services meet the contractual requirements of quality and safety and that these products are delivered on time. All levels of production are monitored for prevention of faults rather that detection of  faults,  starting  from raw material  to finished  goods ready for dispatch.  Our on-site mini-laboratories help ensure both quality and safety, effectively & efficiently.

Our in house sampling and creative designing department, provides quality samples, strike off, and bitloom within 72 hours. Our advanced washing and finishing unit enables us to provide you with unique finishes  on garments  as  over dyeing,  enzyme  washes,  dip dyes  etc.  We  also  specialize in all  kinds of machine & hand embroideries.


Our showroom & design centers display the latest trends developed each season, seeing the styles followed in Renaissance fairs globally, specifically by our designers based in India & Atlanta. You are invited to place sampling orders from your own designs or chose from the range we have to offer. Fresh prints & embroidery concepts are developed internally, so if you are looking for something specific, our sampling team will be glad to develop new fabric qualities and styles as per your request.


Our finest cottons come from the south, while synthetics in all its forms and blends are best sourced from the western regions of India. We have developed long-standing relationships with the most quality conscious suppliers around India and overseas to ensure a steady and efficient supply. Our quality control & technical staff audits fabric at our stores and in house labs to ensure that they meet all specified norms before being approved for cutting & sewing.


This department with a team of highly skilled merchants focuses on everything from client coordination, to arrival at approvals on fit, styling, workmanship, wash, accessories & trims to eliminates deviation before mass production. We are equipped to meet your salesman sample requirements or have your ad samples delivered to you in time for all the important showings. Critical to pre production processes is our industrial engineering, which analyses each style irrespective of order size, to derive maximum efficiency, product safety & durability. The department is also equipped with CAD/CAM systems & Internet tools for providing optimal data transfer capabilities.


This function lies at the heart of our business, supporting your deliveries, are 2 Social compliance certified production centers run by a team of professionals ensuring quality and production planning integrity. State of the art specialized machinery and production & quality monitoring systems are used across all functions. We are proud of our ‘on the floor’ performances, operating at levels significantly higher than industry averages.


To ensure that the final packed garments is perfect in all respects, we have our own washing & dry cleaning facilities. Water purification & softening plants for washing & steam pressing enable us to give your garments that soft casual or crisp clean finish. With over two decades of experience in dealing with just about every major buyer & logistic management agency, our shipping department can deliver a crucial edge in expediting formalities to ensure timely deliveries.


Our department of quality assurance carries out stringent checks at the following stages:

  • Fabric Procurement

  • Approval of Size Sets

  • Dummy Fittings

  • Initial Production

  • Mid Line Production

  • Final Production


Working with TQM (Total Quantity Management) principles we equip each of our personnel with the knowledge and resources required to successfully contribute towards our on going search for excellence. With high standards of quality and a prompt delivery, at the most competitive prices, we have a firm footing in the global market. We are committed to enhance the company’s competitive edge thereby also increasing profitability for our customers. Our key to success is our commitment to provide excellent services to our customers and taking care of their business by providing world-class quality products in a fascinating range.

Integrating all of the above is our core team of division heads & merchants they are your point of contact with us. Our online office will keep us in touch with you through email, phone, fax or intranet 24/7.

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